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How to Submit and Verify Your Blog On Alexa


Few weeks back, I wrote a post on how to increase your alexa rank in 8 cripsy ways. As we all know that alexa is one of the leading website statistic companies, which provide authentic ranking tools for blogs online. Alexa itself confirmed from her site that it provides free traffic data, and global ranking to several millions of websites and blogs on the internet. 

Little did people know about alexa, most especially the new bloggers, about the importance of alexa and also the importance of having the widget on their blog. When you have the alexa widget on your blog and it shows an impressive statistics of your blog, then you stand the opportunity of receiving advertiser’s requests since they can easily predict your blog/website traffic. 

Therefore it is good if we can add and submit our blog to alexa, as it helps us to monitor our blog’s progress. Nevertheless, today I will be discussing how we can submit our blog to alexa in just simple steps. Enjoy. 

1. Visit www.alexa.com and click on the create account there. 

2. You are going to fill the registration box with a valid email of yours, and Nickname, or you should register with your Facebook account .

3. Confirmation message from alexa will be send to your box, click on the provided email to activate your account. 

4. When you click the link, you’ll be taken to a page where you can set the password of your choice for the account. 

5. Now go to your account dashboard 

6. Click on “+ Add a Site” button at the very right button of the dashboard page. 

7. Select the plan of your choice, which I will recommend the free plan

 8. You enter your blog in the appropriate place and you click continue 

Note: you need to verify your blog or website ownership by uploading a file to your site/blog or adding the alexa verification ID to the home page of your blog. 

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How to add alexa Verification ID

For those that are using blogger, Go to your dashboard>>> Template>>> Edit HTMLThen search for <head> tag and paste the code just below <head> tag section.

Finally, go back to your alexa page and click on “verify my id” button. After the necessary steps stated and followed above, check your alexa after some days to check if your blog has been ranked. 

You can though check directly by using this format: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE URL

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  3. help me! Alexa showing no data of my blog ( internetinhindi.blogspot.com ). what is problem in that case..

    1. Check the placement of the codes very well. Are you using wordpress or blogger?@Ritik Kadole?