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Sunday, 31 July 2016

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5 Benefits Of Classified SEO Ads

Online paid and freeclassified ads are a process by which a product or service is advertised in the cyberspace. They are usually crafted very skillfully and attract the reader by using interesting descriptions and keywords to rope in the prospective or at times even a hesitant buyer.

How does it work?

Most search engine companies use automated programs that search and comb the worldwide web for fresh content. When a person browsing on the Internet is looking for information related to a brand, service or business. More often she is looking at the websites that post free classified ads in USA. These sites are now so popular in USA that once a consumer is interested in something particular; she/he is going to be looking at these free classified ads. If you are listed as a marketer on these sites you automatically attract traffic.

If you’re looking for the best and genuine way to advertise and reach out to millions of people without paying any more money. 

Then, classified Advertisement submission is the key. It helps to promote your business to local audiences; by bringing you targeted traffic in a very cost-effective way. 
You get the benefit of: 

Visibility - Reach targeted audiences 

 Impact - Command quick consideration of audience 

Value- Select from an assortment of savvy effective classified display option to address particular issues on a timely basis.

 Results - Generate deals leads, keep up business sector nearness and present new products and services .

They Open up a global market for your products

One advantage of classified ads is that they are very fast and targeted customers are available to view the promotion as soon as it is sent on the INTERNET.

However, if you are looking for an expert in the field, then i have got the best people to do it for you. Kindly Visit HERE
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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money with Your Blog

Making money blogging has been the dream target of virtually all bloggers these days, but quite lots of them have found themselves outside the financial blogger zones. 

I started blogging like 5 years ago, and for good 3 years I couldn’t make a dime with the blog. Not that I never had passion for blogging, nor updating my blog regularly, but I lack the power to go premium in everything I did concerning the blog. 

The right time for you to make blogging a business has come because you need to spend to earn. I always have this “free” mentally, but when I changed and started using paid and premium tools, my online income increased by 200%, and I started getting huge Daily visit. 

 However, to make this post short and straight to the key points, I’ll be talking on the Top 10 Reasons why you are and have not started making money with your blog. 

1. You Don’t Update Your Blog Regularly 

 Think about your favorite blog. How often is the blog updated? I’d venture to guess that it is updated at regular intervals – whether it is three times per day or three times per week.

 If you visited the blog one day and it didn’t have new content, when it should have, you’d start to wonder what was going on. If you visited again for the next few days and there was still no new content, you might start spreading out the time between your visits. 

On the extreme end you might even forget about the blog and never visit it again. One of the biggest reasons why a blog doesn’t make a dime is that it isn’t updated regularly. 

You demand fresh and new content from the blogs you frequent and so you should assume that visitors to your blog have the same expectations. You want to keep visitors coming back to your blog with regularly updated content.

  2. You Are Ignoring SEO:

 Oh! You want to make money with your blog? But you have forgotten that it is only little drops of rain that fills the bucket. You hate Google, you hate Yahoo and you hate all those search engines, you just don’t like them. You are human, so why should you be working for robots. 

You are not deceiving me, but are only deceiving yourself. Try to learn SEO and use it to your benefit, you will love yourself for it. 

Another great secret is that search engine traffic is one of the best type of traffic you can ever have because those who come through search engines are very desperate for information and are ready to stay if you give them what they want. You can Read this post I wrote on Write More To Get More 

3. Your Blog Design Isn't Very Professional 

If you want to be a professional blogger, you need a professional site. Consider getting a domain for your site and replacing your present template with a more professional, attractive design.

 If your blog looks cheesy, some people may question whether they can trust your advice. You might dream of creating a blog to replace your full-time income; and although challenging, it's possible. But you'll need to understand what it takes to create a profitable blog. 

What other reasons prevent a blog from earning money? I am a life exam of experiencing 70% increase in my daily visit when I changed my blog design. Lots of people commented and appreciated the design, some now came and asking if they could advertised whereas others wanted to guest post. 

These are what professional design could make and get for you.

  4. You haven’t made it easy for people to share Your Content 

 You might have great content that people love, that makes your reader gig, But if you don’t give folks an effortless way to share the content with their friends, that content won’t live up to its full potential. 

Be sure to include relevant sharing buttons for your audience. Got this video that shows you the most popular social sharing options, and I believed it will be very useful for you guys.

  5. You’re not giving people a reason to come back 

According to research, it was discovered that 80% of people who visit your blog are first-timers, you want to know why? Read (source). That means only 20% are returning! If you want people to return, you need to encourage them to do so. Like “We offer people a free video tutorial or we give people pdfs on how to make money online” if you sign up for our email updates. 

We also employ social proof by showing how many people are on our subscriber list. Things like these really make readers to believe in you, and they will want to subscribe to your newsletter to learn more.

i believed you have learnt one or two things from this listed point above. We both know that the list are endless and you also have observation and point you'll like to add. Please kindly use the comment section to commend us on this post or perhaps, share your own view on this topic.

Don't just go after reading this point. Drop a comment.

In anticipation, we also thank you for sharing this post with your friends and followers on social media. We Love you.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

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How to make money on autopilot while you sleep

The first question that’ll come to people’s mind is that; is it really possible to make money while you sleep? Or that what is autopilot? 

According to perfect definition got from online dictionary. It was discovered that the word “autopilot” means a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness; for instant: "he went about his chores on automatic pilot"; or better still, a statement like this: “too much of the writing seems to have been done on automatic pilot”. 

 However, Autopilot also mean automatic pilot, which invariably is “a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or air craft or spacecraft on a steady course.” I believed on several occasion when we watch movies, we noticed that the pilot will leave his sit and would have automatically piloted the plane on a steady course to fly. 

 This same system can be use when trying to make an income or make money online. The best way to make money and generate steady income is by utilizing the internet. The good news about this now is that the internet is always alive, it never sleeps. Therefore if you can utilize making money systems online, that can turn cyber- atmosphere to a genuine money printing machine you can make money and generate a streamlined cash flow. 

The internet never sleeps, that is why it is so important. What am trying to say in essence is that anybody can make money online, both young and old. Making money that is already professionally set up and is easy to operate, you don’t have to stress your nerves. It must be an easy, streamlined and proven, legitimate online money making cash flow website. Sure there are scams out there, but it really helps when someone like NAME, who authored several online money making cash flow systems, that make money while you sleep on autopilot, releases his debut of the best system he ever created.

 The name of the autopilot package There is nothing as wonderful and sweet when you wake in the morning and you realized that you’ve got a mail, and on checking it, it was a pay for your autopilot package. But once you hear “You've got cash,” your day is made. You just made $200.00 while you slept. Or perhaps you made money amounts such as $60 multiple times over. 

Too good to be true? They say if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Not so with making money online. Cash can be generated on a consistent basis. People all over the world are making a residual income and cash flow by utilizing the internet. Many others, me included, have signed up for programs that brought them nowhere. We pull out our credit card, and pay for something online, just to realize we just signed up for something that will not work.

 How about that last time I signed up for a $39.00 access to websites that would pay me to fill out surveys. Or even pay me thousands of dollars to fill out surveys, try products, or just get mail. You work your behind of, filling out all these stupid boxes, and get paid $0.02 for it. Then you can get $5.00 just for signing up for a product. The catch is that you would be charged $29.00 in 14 days for the product. So you think okay let's just do it. “I'll cancel my membership after a couple of days and keep the $5.00.”

 Then life gets busy, and before you know it the 14 days have expired, and you are now charged $29.00 for a product you didn't even want, but you signed up for it because you would get $5.00. This is not the way to make money online. Making money online on the internet is not supposed to be this tough. You don't have to be scammed out of your hard earned money. You don't have to fall for their get rich quick schemes. To earn money and generate a cash flow online using the internet, you have to keep two main principles in mind. Firstly you WILL have to do SOME work! Secondly, you WILL have to pay a DECENT PRICE to get started. 

 So now the question is, How much work do you have to do to make money online? And the second question is, How much will you have to pay for a legitimate money churning website that will generate a cash flow while you sleep? Let's first deal with the amount of work. If a program claims you just have to give it 2 hours a week, STAY AWAY FROM THOSE CHARLATANS! Also, if they tell you 30 hours a week, take them to court! Not really. 

Just forget about them! You should only spend between 7 and 14 hours a week on the internet business, that's just 1 to 2 hours a day making money online. Then let your website work for you, while you go to the movies, have a good night's sleep, whatever. Then when you wake up the next day, again, go ahead and work on it another 1 to 2 hours, then leave it. If you have a legitimate online money making website, you will get back to it again the next morning, rejoice at your profits and do your next 1 hour of work.

 This is how much time it takes to make money online or generate cash on the internet. In the beginning, you will probably put in more hours than this, just to set up your website. The good thing about is that your website is already set up for you. It is based on the IPC program created by Dan Miller, an online money making guru. All you have to do is set up your payment buttons, alter your money making website the way he shows you how to do it, with no extra software, the works. How much does it cost? 

I listened to a presentation by Mr. Russell Brunson of and His system cost $2,000 United States Dollars! Now I have to say, that it is probably worth it, because no doubt it is a great automated system, which if run correctly will make people tens thousands of dollars. But who has $2,000 to sign up to it? Of course the elite, or those who are just starting their long road of seminar junky experiences. 

 Do that if you want to, but there is a better way: Streamline Cash Flow: It is the less expensive IPC Instant Cash system of two of Dan Miller's most recent programs that make money online. This too is an awesome website, based on the same money making system, which generates an online income or cash flow whether you are awake or asleep. It costs $97 to sign up, of which $37 goes to IPC and $60 goes to the owner of the website on which you signed up on.

 Thereafter, YOU become the happy recipient of the $60, over and over and over again! Now this is the way to make money online and make a residual cash flow on the internet. I hope my article helps you to make the right decision. I will personally reply to your email to help you get started.

Before you leave, i'll like to say its easier said than done, you have to take necessary action to succeed in life. Thanks for taking your time out to read our blog, you are awesome.

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Friday, 4 December 2015

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How to Do Your SIM Registration at Home with Your BVN Details

Ignorance they say it’s a very bad thing, and information can fetch you a lot. Do you know you can re-register your blocked MTN SIM at home with your BVN details? Just ask me how it’s been done. 

A lot of people have wasted their precious time at MTN office trying to fix their blocked MTN SIM and yet they could not fix it in 3 days. 

 Like seriously, I was passing around on MTN office in my area and I noticed a lot of people have to leave their different offices to go and register their MTN lines instead of them just pressing a code. Anyway, there is nothing in this world as powerful as information. 


Then if you are among the victim of Blocked sim due to income registration, then you need to sit down and follow these steps am about to give below.

 How to Do Your SIM Registration at Home with Your BVN Details 

However, you don’t have to stress yourself by going to the MTN office to get your line activated again, you just have to follow some steps which will be shown below 

 1. After your line has been blocked 

2. Send “YES” without the column to 799 

3. A message will be sent to you that your request has been processing 

4. Just After like 2 hours thereabout 

5. Your line will be activate again and you’ll be able to make calls 

 If this post has helped you get your line back to normal, Please kindly use the comment box and make us know. 

We’ve done this for a lot of people yesterday and which has help them activate back their blocked MTN line. 

Please don't forget to leave a comment!!!

Also before you leave this page, endeavor to use the share button and make this known to your friends on Social media who might be having an issue with their MTN Line. Thanks

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Do you have to go to MTN office to queue again? No. In my previous post, I wrote on how you can unblock your blocked MTN line due to incomplete registration. You can check the Post HERE.

Like seriously, I was passing around on MTN office in my area and I noticed a lot of people have to leave their different offices to go and register their MTN lines instead of them just pressing a code. 

Also READ: How to Unblock Your Blocked MTN Sim At Home

Anyway, there is nothing in this world as powerful as information. I won’t be saying much though because I already had a blog post on that HERE, You can check.


 So therefore, you don’t have to bother yourself by going to the MTN office or cent to get your line activated again, you just have to follow some steps which will be shown below 

 1. After your line has been blocked 

2. Send “YES” without the column to 799 

3. A message will be sent to you that your request has been processing 

4. Just After like 2 hours thereabout 

5. Your line will be activate again and you’ll be able to make calls.

  If this post has helped you get your line back to normal, Please kindly use the comment box and make us know. We’ve done this for a lot of people yesterday and which has help them activate back their blocked MTN line.

 Also before you leave this page, endeavor to use the share button and make this known to your friends on Social media who might be having an issue with their MTN Line. Thanks
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 Good morning folks, how are you doing? Some few weeks ago, lots of Nigerians Suffered deactivation of their lines whereby they were been asked to go to the nearby MTN office to re-registered.

 I bet you, with the info I got from the people that went; it was hell as the queue was so massive and lots of people have to leave their jobs, shops for many days. Virtually everyone was able to register and everything went well. Imagine, after the stress people went through some couple of weeks ago, just this yesterday MTN starts blocking lines again and keep sending the same message they got after which they have re-registered their lines. 

Get MTN N1500 Card for Free

A lot of people are frustrated and they couldn’t go to MTN office to re-register. If you para venture fall into those that got their lines deactivated again, then good news for you, because I’m about to share how you can reactivate your deactivated MTN line with your BVN Number.


 1. After You’ve received deactivation message from MTN 

2. Just send “YES” to 799 

3. MT will send a message to you that they are processing it

 4. Waiting for 2 hours 

5. A message will be send to you that your MTN line has been reactivated with your BVN Number. 

 I believed you have learn one or two things from this post, For the benefit of other people who have been affected by the deactivation of line, endeavor to share this post with your friends and family on social media… Thanks

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Friday, 13 November 2015

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How to subscribe for Airtel Weekend data bundle (#100 For 1G)

This is a bright post, and the news about Airtel giving 1G for 100 naira has really gone viral on the internet. But the fact still remain that some people can’t do it, and haven’t gotten that access to the codes. 

AIRTEL users!! AIRTEL Nigeria has just introduced weekend data bundle capped at 1024mb (1gb) for just #100 only.. 

 Dial *474*1# to activate! Dial *140# to check data. It cial media, and an be use only on weekends (Friday - Sunday). 

 I just subscribed now with #100 and I was given 1gb to expire 14/11/2015. That means I can use it today (Sunday) and Saturday next week. 

You can now download whatever you want to download and stream online. Thanks to Airtel.
I believe this shot post has really help some people to solve their internet browsing problems. Therefore, endeavor to share this post with a friend on social, and talk more about

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Good day everyone, am here again to bring a trick and tweak on how you can download videos free of charge on udemy. i believe we all know what or who are UDEMY.COM?
According to is a platform or marketplace for online learning. So now learning and know how to download instructional video which are price tagged will be very important to some internet marketers. Now let's move to the game of the day.

For some time now, i have been upgrading my knowledge to ante-up my game with Udemy training videos. I discovered there are really some secrets in fiverr and other money making ventures that are not readily shared online or that are hard to find. But at udemy you can find them, but it comes at a price.If you have been to, you will see their videos and training are quite pricey.

 Well, i don't have $99 to spend on each and every course i'm interested in, so i watch the videos for free. So how did i bypass the payment to download the videos and pdf for free? It's very easy. 

Use Chrome. Download FVD Downloader and Linkclump (both are chrome addons). Also you will need to open numerous udemy accounts for continous downloading.

 On, pick your choice training. On the training intro page, you will see a navigation at the right menu and look for "FREE PREVIEW". This free preview gives you 5 MINUTES only to preview the course and make a decision to buy it. In our black-hat way we only need 5 minutes to download all the videos grin emoticon.

 Now when you click a video to preview, the FVD Downloader icon becomes active showing you there is a video to download. Click at the icon at the top right of your chrome, choose your video and it starts downloading. Repeat the same for other videos in the course within the 5 minutes time frame.

 Well there are some courses that have more than 100 courses embedded so 5 minutes will not be enough and probably one account will not do. Now you will use Linkclump. When you get to the training page where the courses are listed (i.e before you get to video preview proper), right click and drag a rectangle to select all the course links. Immediately, all links will open in your chrome browser. Take note, your chrome can crash due to many tab links. So in this way you can start downloading the videos tab by tab. 

When the 5 minutes preview is over, you will be taken out of the training page. Then, open another new udemy account which takes a few seconds, refresh your browser and continue from where you stopped.

 So if you desire to increase your internet money making knowledge using udemy's paid courses, then follow this guide.  I believed this post has actually solved a person hard times with downloading videos on udemy, and your wonderful comments are highly welcome.So use it to your advantage.

Please before you leave, endeavour to share this post with your friends on facebook and other social medias, Sharing is caring.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

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Now you can get 4G if you subscribe with #2000 Airtel airtime. Good day allbloggingcoach readers, and I believed you’ve missed our daily updates on mobile internet. Now I brought to you again a new dealon how to get 4G data of airtel with just #2000.

 For the past 3 months have been using 4G data for a month and airtel network has been booming. Therefore, some friends actually asked if I could make a short post on how to get Airtel 4G with #2000. 

We actually wrote some post on Airtel mobile internet data that are still rocking like mad. You can check them below: 

1. How To Get 4G Data Bundle ON Airtel Unlimited Plan #1500 For 2 Months

 2. How To Get 82MB With Just N100 Airtel 

3. How To Make Free Calls With Your Airtel Line For 6 Months 

 All are still rocking like mad. So now let’s move to how to get 4G Airtel data for #2000.


1. Get an Airtel sim that is well registered 

2. Load a sum of #2000 airtime on it 

3. Confirm the airtime has reflected 

4. Dial *440*161# 

5. After you have dialed the code, wait for 1 minutes and a message will be sent to you that you have gotten Airtel 1+1 Unlimited 4G data.. 

6. Now you can start surfing.

 In case, you were told you are not eligible, because most often some sims are always been told that, you can decided to dial this code. *440*16#...... instead of the initial code above.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post. All the above Airtel data package shared above are still very valid and working fine.
Please before you leave this page, endeavour to share this post with a friend on social media. Thanks.

Also remember to subscribe for the daily updates o how to make money with your computer and internet. Your comments are highly welcome.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

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Publishing a post might be as easy as what anybody can do, but the aftermath is what really counts. When as a writer, you scouted for the keyword you want to write a post on, gather information about the keyword, then eventually you took the pain and sleepless nights to put up an amazing optimized contents. 

Do you just publish the post on your blog and leave it like that? Or you try as much as possible to follow its progress by constant promotion and shares. 

Must Read: Top 100 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog.

Today, I’ll be talking about the top 10 things you should do after publishing your post. The issue here is that you don’t publish and go, you need to do some promotions to get quality traffic. Below are the top 10 things I do immediately I publish a post on my blog...

1. Ping My Blog: 

Funny right? Like not exactly what you were expecting first? I have learn on thing over the course of my blogging career that of every post you are publishing, thousands of people are also publishing same keywords. Now the question is, how do you make your own keyword rank in Google search. 

Statistical analysis has shown that Google doesn’t crawl or index your post immediately you publish. At times it takes few hours or even days to get indexed, in cases where do don’t post everyday on your blog though.

 Therefore, pinging your blog immediately you publish a post, do some quickie calling on the Google crawler, and they’ll come to your blog to check the new post and crawl it, after that it’s indexed. This really helps in getting traffic and outsmarting your competitors. You can use pincer sites like: PING-O-MATIC, GOOGLEPING.

 Must Read: How to Index Your Blog posts on Search Engines in 15 seconds.

 2. Make Sure My Subscriber Get The Post 

This is where I need to give kudos to Muki Enstine, he is a super fantastic man. Immediately he publish, I get the post instantly, I read and add comment to the post. Making sure your loyal readers get your published post now depend on the subscriber feeds you use. 

We have lots of fantastic companies that build list of subscribers for your by giving you their HTML codes when your sign up with them. Companies like Feed burner owned By Google, Mailchimp , and just to mention few. 

When you use good Subscriber feeds, you are rest assured that your subscribers will get the post and so, comments will keep following.

 3. Submit To Search Engines:

Despite that fact that I mentioned in the first point that pinging one’s blog immediately after publish is very effective in post indexing, this doesn’t rule out the fact that you need to submit your blog post to search engines.

 Perhaps, I know some bloggers might not fall for this style, but for the benefit of those who believe and wants to try it. This is a very good way getting your blog post submitted to Google within few seconds. 

You can submit your blog post  HERE>>>>.

 4. Submit To Blog Communities 

Do you even try this particular method at all? Yaga! I believe some will say they used it when they started blogging, and also others might say YES! I still use the method. 

For you to increase your blog visibility, you cannot rule out the efficacy of blog communities. They increases your post engagement, add to your blog traffic, and also very good at backlinking. 

I’m in over 30 blog communities, but will mention few that you can start with. They are: Bizsugar, Dosplash, Blockube, Blogenage, etc.

5. Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites:

 Some few months ago, I wrote a post on “Top 500 Social bookmarking sites in 2015”. This particular post has been the ringing voice of my post with over 200 comments. 

Submitting your blog posts to social bookmarking sites has been a hell positivity for getting backlinks and massive traffic. I use some few ones as well and this has really helped my blog. Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati, and so no...

6. Use Twitter Communities: 

Oh no! Probably you might not have heard about these communities, but they are super fantastic in their build up. Using twitter community like JUSTREWEET, you are given the space of same 140 character, but you have credits/point to your disposer.

 t’s like a game, you tweet my post and earn credits, I tweet yours to gain credits too. It now depend on how much the credit points you place on your tweet. We also have EASYRETWEET who does the same thing.

 7. Share Your Post on Facebook 

There was a post I wrote on “How to get Social media Share like pro- Harleena singh a case study”. I got lots of comment, but had issues with my commentluv comment box, so I lost those comments.

 From the interview, she said whenever she publish a post on her blog, she doesn’t share on Facebook immediately. She always take her time to share on groups one after the other. Which means it might take like 3 days for her to finish the sharing. Do you know why? 

it’s better to make Google do its justice and SERP upgrade before sharing on social media. I learnt this from her that it keeps the traffic momentum steady and for traffic sustenance.

 Which invariably mean when you publish, just ping for Google crawlers to come and index, then take your time to do other submission the following day after you’ve started getting traffic from Google.

Other Things I also do after publishing

 8. Pin my images on pinterest for traffic
 9. Post on forums
 10. Then I wait for traffic to roll in.

Conclusively, I believe you agreed with my own point of view. I alo know you have additions to what have been said up there. What are the things you do immediately after publishing a post on your blog? We’ll love to hear yours in the comment section. Your comments are highly welcome. 

Meanwhile before you go, we might have some of your friends who wants to share what they do after publishing a post on their blog, kindly share this post on social Medias with your friends. 

 Sharing is caring!!!

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